May 23, 2024 All

Webinar Replay: The Value of Connecting Best-of-Breed Procurement Solutions

On our recent webinar, Pierre Laprée joined Tom Beaty, Found of Insight Sourcing, and Lukas Wawrlra, Founder of Archlet, to discuss…
May 7, 2024 Webinar

Driving Procurement Value in Turbulent Times: Webinar Replay

Webinar Transcript Philip Ideson  Hi, everybody, and welcome to today's AOPA live. My name is Philip Ideson, and I'm the…
April 23, 2024 All

How to Report Realized Savings Without Becoming an Accountant

There’s a long-standing debate in Procurement about how to track realized savings. Are you responsible for tracking them dollar for…
December 21, 2023 Webinar

Webinar: Drive Enterprise Cost Management and Category Excellence with Trusted Spend Intelligence Insights

Impactful procurement strategies, including cost management and category excellence, require a solid data foundation. Without it, Procurement has no reliable…
November 15, 2023 Webinar

AOP Mastermind Live Replay: Managing Stakeholder Engagement by Measuring Procurement’s Impact 

Without strong stakeholder relationships, Procurement is often missing key resources in the fight for spend management, risk mitigation, and strategic,…
March 10, 2023 All

Webinar: Discover Financial Services’ Digital Transformation Journey

In this Hackett Group webinar sponsored by SpendHQ, our customer Discover Financial Services speaks about being in the third phase…
February 24, 2023 All

Webinar: New Ways Procurement Can Advance ESG Achievement

SpendHQ’s Spend Intelligence and Procurement Performance Management solutions have introduced new innovations to help businesses support strategic commitments in the…
November 18, 2019 All

Webinar: Horizon’s Procurement Digital Transformation in Bio-Pharma

Curious how a leading bio-pharma company advanced its operational efficiencies in their supply chain by way of spend analysis?
August 20, 2019 All

Webinar: Heartland Dental Creates a ‘Single Source of Truth’ for Enterprise Spend Amidst M&A

When companies merge or come together through acquisition, optimizing procurement synergies can be one of the most important strategic levers…