High-ROI Solutions for High-Impact Procurement Management

Procurement leaders and teams significantly advance their spend insights and performance—and become true change agents for the business.

Procurement Under Pressure

As procurement’s scope of influence and responsibility expands, so does the need to keep up with converging and growing pressures.

  • Cost Savings

    You must handle inflationary pricing, maverick spend, shrinking profit margins, and lack of data visibility.

  • Compliance & Governance

    More addressable spend must be in compliance. Financial auditing and reporting impact your work.

  • Supply Risks

    You need to proactively identify, communicate, and manage risks to the business.

  • ESG & Non-Financial Performance

    There is growing regulatory, market, and investor pressures for strategic commitments.

Procurement Strategic Platform

Spend insights are only valuable if you can act on them to drive and measure new value. SpendHQ offers an integrated platform for procurement leadership, their teams, and spend category stakeholders to connect insights immediately to their procurement project pipeline and impact reporting for finance. These connected solutions allow for seamless workflows and advancement of future sourcing waves, based on easy, “always on” availability

ESG and Non Financial Planning

Procurement has a tremendous opportunity to help the business accelerate progress toward its strategic goals that are not directly financial in nature, including sustainability, supplier risk reduction, ethical sourcing, diversity, compliance, and more. SpendHQ’s solutions deliver features that enrich data, surface actionable insights, and measure achievements to improve reporting and external communication.

Procurement Ecosystem Integration

In addition to working stand-alone, our solutions for Spend Intelligence and Procurement Performance Management easily connect across internal and external apps to ingest, enrich, exchange, and trigger data. The benefits are easy implementation and integration into your workflows and improved process efficiencies and insights. Many options exist with our pre-built connectors to systems that include source-to-pay apps, best-of-breed e-sourcing, ERP and legacy sources, financial systems, contract repositories, and supplier data.