ESG and Non-Financial Performance

Procurement leaders and their teams use actionable insights about spend and suppliers to prioritize, track, and measure new sourcing initiatives that advance critical strategic goals.

Positive business results await those who make ESG progress. Gartner’s 2022 Sustainability Opportunities, Risks and Technologies Survey revealed that 83% say their sustainability programs directly created both short- and long-term value.

Procurement’s challenge is determining the right roadmap and solutions to get an accurate baseline, identify and act on opportunities, and measure contributions.

Ardent PartnersProcurement 2023 Big Trends and Predictions

With more than half of the average enterprise’s ESG footprint resting with suppliers, the CPO is on the front lines in the fight to create a more sustainable value chain.

Spend Intelligence Speeds ESG Benchmarking and Project Decisions

Performance Management Hub to Track and Measure ESG Initiatives

Benefits from ESG Spend and Performance Insights

Companies can enhance their reputation by demonstrating their progress and actions taken to achieve stated ESG commitments.

  • Business

    Comply with regulations and reporting mandates. Communicate with clarity. Minimize risks. Control costs.

  • Ecological

    Help reduce pollution, carbon emissions, water and energy consumption, and more.

  • Social

    Eliminate unfair labor practices. Improve supply chain safety and resiliency.

  • Internal Stakeholders

    Improve collaborative decision-making to drive alignment around ESG roadmap.