Integrate and Enrich Data for Actionable Procurement Analytics

Make it easy and chaos-free to consolidate, ingest, enrich, and exchange data across your procurement systems and processes – so you’re taking action on trusted insights.

Seamless Spend and Performance Data

SpendHQ’s software solutions for Spend Intelligence and Procurement Performance Management (PPM) ensure greater ease in connecting with the data sources that give you the best information picture and facilitate smoother processes. Whether you need to connect with Source-to-Pay (S2P) or ERP systems, or enrich data from third-party sources, use our pre-built connectors to speed your time to value and insights.

SpendHQ’s Procurement Data Integration Capabilities

The Benefits of Versatile Integrations

SpendHQ gives you the flexibility to implement based on your needs today – and the possibilities to expand or change in the future as your organization and app landscape evolves.

  • Better Data, Better Decisions

    Access and integrate more data relevant to procurement, and at a higher quality, so decisions are more confident.

  • Reduced Latency

    Save time in multiple areas, from making workflows more efficient, jumping on opportunities faster, and improving team efficiency.

  • Happier IT Teams

    Redeploy valued IT and analyst resources to strategic initiatives, thanks to pre-built app connectors that reduce integration burdens.

  • Future-Proof Your Journey

    Integration needs will change over time. Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) to add, change, or maintain connections.

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Digital transformation continues to be an essential enabler of procurement organizations’ ability to do more with less through better intelligence and increased speed, customer-centricity, and competitive advantage.