Webinar: Horizon’s Procurement Digital Transformation in Bio-Pharma

by SpendHQ Marketing

As an industry focused on delivering safe and effective new medicines more economically, life sciences organizations are increasingly investing in reconfiguring their manufacturing and distribution operations. Part of this investment is focused on procurement digital transformation that can help deliver better insights into the bio-pharma supply chains for both direct and indirect spend.

A leader in rheumatology and rare disease bio-pharma, Horizon Therapeutics looked to advance operational efficiencies in their supply chain to maximize the delivery and sale of their branded and specialty medications. To accomplish this, Horizon invested time and effort in procurement digital transformation to leverage the latest in category management best practices and spend analysis technology to help them transform, visualize and take action on new savings opportunities.

The presentation covers how to:

  • Smoothly integrate new procurement technologies across your organization
  • Standardize new processes to validate company-wide initiatives
  • Utilize cleansed, normalized and strategically categorized procurement data to drive new savings opportunities

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Horizon’s Procurement Transformation: Utilizing Spend Analysis in Bio-Pharma - Webinar | SpendHQ