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5 Ways Spend Intelligence Helps You Fortify Against Economic Uncertainty

Specific real-world case examples of how other companies leverage their own existing spend and supplier history data as Spend Intelligence

Ardent Partners Procurement 2022: BIG Trends and Predictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a long shadow over business and society, and CPOs and their teams will have their work cut out for them if they are going to climb out from under it. For procurement, 2022 will be a more demanding year as teams deal with the ongoing pandemic, inflationary (and budgetary) pressures, as well as greater supply chain risk, and an evolving team staffing model.

Creating A World Class Supplier Diversity Program: Ten Things To Consider

Creating a supplier diversity program and integrating it into your procurement and supply chain strategy is one of the hottest topics in procurement, and not just in the U.S. – It is fast becoming a global issue. Perhaps, the most important reason from a business perspective is that your customers, especially the larger ones, have probably mandated their own supplier diversity programs. If they include government agencies, you may even need to demonstrate diversity to comply with regulations governing the award of contracts.

Spend Matters Ranks SpendHQ as a Customer Leader in Spring 2022 SolutionMap

Atlanta, June 2nd – SpendHQ lands as a Customer Leader in Spend Matters’ most recent release of its SolutionMap benchmarking for Spring 2022. This release includes technology rankings that include 69 vendors. Known as the most rigorous, data-centric functionality assessment of procurement technologies in the industry, SolutionMap contains 500+ RFI requirements across 10 source-to-pay module and suite technology categories to pinpoint the actual capabilities of each participating vendor.

SpendHQ Announces Connectors For Application & Data Integration

Atlanta, April – Leading spend analytics company SpendHQ announces the release of new SpendHQ Connectors, providing procurement application integrations with numerous platforms. With organizations managing multiple data sources and platforms, this most recent release from SpendHQ ensures procurement and finance teams can connect the applications they need to their spend insights.

Ardent Partners’ Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2022

Whether it is a pandemic that impacts the global population, a risk event with a devastating impact on a single industry, or competitive pressures that drive a business to the brink of bankruptcy, the extraordinary impact that strong procurement results can have on operations and the bottom line can help the enterprise forge through difficult waters, mitigating supply risk, battling against inflation, and assuring supply.

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