Spend Analytics You Can Act On

Current and comprehensive insights that Procurement, Finance, and spend category stakeholders can use to support strategy, drive negotiations, and redefine performance.

Spend Intelligence: Clear and Simple

Our customers turn to SpendHQ to solve this spend analytics challenge, typically gaining visibility into 99% of their spend and seeing ROI payback in less than 5 months. We apply our proven, repeatable AI and procurement expert-driven process to deliver industry-defining categorization and refreshes.

Our easy-for-everyone SaaS app takes you beyond simple spend analytics, letting you see and navigate your spend based on your needs. In a few clicks, uncover hidden savings opportunities, view benchmarks, discover new targets to meet ESG goals, and access robust analytics.

The Value of SpendHQ’s Spend Intelligence

  • Key Features: Spend Intelligence

    SpendHQ’s AI-powered solution takes Procurement beyond spend analytics and delivers a full set of modern spend intelligence features that transform Procurement’s level of impact:

  • Data Processing

    Our spend data processing couldn’t be any simpler. The solution takes all your messy, raw spend data through our market-leading process to ensure greater than 97% of spend is categorized. Based on our 20+ year history of enabling spend visibility for global companies, our approach leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to optimize your data, including normalizing vendor names and classifying to sourcing-level sub-categories based on the $7 trillion in spend in our global data warehouse. While our solution handles the hard data work, you spend more time discovering and acting on spend insights.

    A high-level graph in Spend Intelligence that gives users visibility into their organizational spend.
  • Category Insights

    Use our Spend Intelligence to make better decisions in collaboration with category owners, which is helped when everyone can access and understand a complete, accurate view of spend at each category and sub-category level. Easily drill-down into spend, classified to your sourcing-level taxonomy. Review category insights such as spend under management, compliance tracking, fragmentation, and tail spend. Monitor trends across different timeframes, as defined by you. Compare spend data across a variety of dimensions.

    Category Management in Spend Intelligence
  • Supplier & Contract Insights

    Establish proactive supplier management and be better prepared for negotiations by monitoring changes in your supply base, such as reviewing new, diverse, or favorited suppliers. Watch for anomalies in your supplier spend through watchlists that check for major changes.Get an overall snapshot of supplier financial health. Monitor total and percentage of spend under contract and get alerts prior to expirations and auto-renewals.

    Supplier View in Spend Intelligence
  • Compliance

    Gain crucial visibility to quantify the cost of rogue spend, the percentage of spend procurement is impacting, and the biggest areas of savings leakage. Drill down into insights that help category managers understand the expected benefits of partnering with procurement to get more spend under management and strategically sourced. Easily define and track metrics for your preferred supplier program and savings KPIs

    Compliance Tracking in Spend Intelligence
  • Strategy & Benchmarks

    Make sure Procurement is a strategic business partner, thanks to trusted data and roadmaps for spend management and strategic sourcing. Collaboratively plan your next procurement focus areas and priorities, leveraging market benchmarks by category with estimated savings–automatically provided inside the Spend Intelligence app. New approved projects can then be immediately launched with e-sourcing and their performance tracked in our procurement pipeline tracker.

    Procurement Benchmarking in Spend Intelligence
  • Analytics & Reporting

    Spend analytics reaches a new level of speed, ease of use, and flexibility with robust reporting and visibility features within SpendHQ’s Spend Intelligence solution. Each time you refresh your spend data, you get automated insights about areas that increased or decreased, letting you quickly decide where you want to drill down and focus further. Easily design and share custom dashboards, track against KPIs, and quickly generate custom reports.

    Analytics and Reporting in Spend Intelligence
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

    Help Procurement take a leadership role in supporting business commitments and compliance to ESG and non-financial performance goals. Get the insights to prioritize spend decisions for supplier diversity and greenhouse gas reductions, thanks to data enrichment, benchmarking, and reporting within our spend intelligence solution. PromoteESG spend data transparency, by sharing knowledge with finance and business stakeholders via visual web reports, dashboards, and data exports.

    ESG Tracking in Spend Intelligence

CPOs running their procurement operations without visibility into spend are committing procurement malpractice.

Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

Why Choose SpendHQ for Spend Analytics and Intelligence?

Our advantages have made us the preferred choice for 400+ global companies and recognized by industry analysts.

  • Easy Data Process

    Best-in-class taxonomy framework to classify >97% of your spend. Includes data enrichment options, regular refreshes with a low burden to your teams.

  • Integrations & Configurations

    30+ connectors available to ingest data from ERPs and other procurement apps. Also integrate with e-sourcing to track spend and suppliers.

  • Our Spend Data Expertise:

    We’ve classified more than $8 trillion in spend data. Our history started 20+ years ago built by sourcing and spend analysis experts.

  • Highly Ranked:

    Named by Spend Matters to lists including “Value Leader” in spend analytics and a “Provider to Know.” Strong reviews on independent site G2.