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Powered by AI, get your data together to deliver high-ROI spend intelligence and procurement performance that everyone can see.​ Discover and act on new targets for cost savings, value creation, and risk reduction, thanks to an integrated experience that converts spend analytics into procurement initiatives and results. 

  • What’s New at SpendHQ?

    How are global procurement leaders building trust with their organizations and maximizing results?

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  • Beyond Center-Led: The Future of Procurement Operating Models

    The global business landscape is changing, and Procurement operating models must adapt with it.

    Learn what you can do now to future-proof your impact, no matter how mature your organization is.

    Beyond Center-Led: The Future of Procurement Operating Models
  • The ROI of Spend Analytics

    Looking to build your business case for a spend analytics investment? Download Hobson and Company’s research report to see how SpendHQ’s solution could lead to a 660% ROI in only 3 years! 

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  • The ROI of Procurement Performance Management

    Unsure how performance management can fuel your impact? Download Hobson and Company’s report for an in-depth breakdown of how 360-degree visibility can pay for itself nearly 8 and a half times over! 

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  • How You Can Thrive, Not Just Survive, in the Age of AI

    AI is an inevitability for Procurement. Will it finally cement your place as a strategic advisor or will it redefine the function into something unrecognizable? And what are the industry’s leaders doing to prepare?

    We recently joined Market Dojo, Esker, Genpact, and several industry thought leaders to answer these questions and explore how Procurement and Finance can leverage AI to accelerate performance.

  • Procurement’s Data Quality Challenge

    Complete, reliable data is a crucial ingredient to procurement decisions that drive the business in the right direction.

    In our paper with Art of Procurement, you’ll learn how to start building a data foundation you can trust.

  • Whitepaper: Don’t Fear the Reaper: How AI Empowers Procurement

    In this whitepaper, we use our own AI model to explore how Artificial Intelligence’s unique knack for rapidly cleaning and organizing tremendous amounts of data makes it the perfect solution to Procurement’s data problem—not because it does what humans can do,  but because it frees them up from the most tedious parts of their jobs.

  • Why Procurement Visibility is Critical to Increasing Procurement’s Value

    Download to read our latest white paper, in collaboration with Procurement Leaders, to discover what you can achieve with performance visibility.

  • Addressing Procurement’s Solution Gap in Strategic Planning and Measurement

    Download our new eBook to deepen the business case of connecting comprehensive Spend Intelligence with centralized Procurement Performance Management.

Strategic Procurement Solutions

SpendHQ is the leading best-in-class provider of enterprise Spend Intelligence and Procurement Performance Management solutions – with fast time-to-value and lightweight implementation for your teams. Customers gain actionable spend insights that identify the best targets for new strategic procurement initiatives and ensure projects align with financial and non-financial business goals. Procurement’s overall value to the business is clearly demonstrated and validated.

Our Customers

SpendHQ highlights some of our customer stories spanning strategic procurement management, spend intelligence, and procurement performance reporting.

The Power of Connecting Spend Intelligence with Procurement Project Management

There is clear opportunity and ROI to continuously connect enterprise spend insights with a procurement and sourcing performance pipeline solution. Spend Matters refers to the integration of these workflows as an “alt suite” that complements legacy source-to-pay suites. Understand how to enable a true management-level hub for advancing procurement’s overall value to the business.

Market-Proven Capabilities

  • $8 Trillion

    Spend data analyzed

  • 135,000 Projects

    Annually tracked

  • 40+ Integrations

    Connecting your data ecosystem

  • 500+

    Global customers

What Procurement is Saying…

Don’t take our word for it. Customers describe the value they receive.

Group Procurement DirectorKingfisher plc

We are able to follow all Procurement projects and have all evidence that the savings have been achieved. They are communicated with full transparency and can be audited by investors and management control.

Head of Procurement Center of ExcellenceWarner Bros. Discovery

SpendHQ does not require specialized skills to analyze and present data to our business partners, which is one of the reasons we selected the tool when comparing it to others.

VP Group Sourcing & Procurement Technicolor

Used by all buyers to track their projects and savings performance. It is the ‘backbone’ that will guarantee both the flexibility and scalability we are looking for in the purchasing tools that support us.