How You Can Thrive, Not Just Survive, in the Age of AI

AI is an inevitability for Procurement. Will it finally cement your place as a strategic advisor or will it redefine the function into something unrecognizable? And what are the industry’s leaders doing to prepare? 

We recently joined Market Dojo, Esker, Genpact, and several industry thought leaders to answer these questions and explore how Procurement and Finance can leverage AI to accelerate performance. 

In this summary, you’ll gain industry leaders’ insights from: 

  • Tom Mills: Is AI is a game-changer or a game-ender, soft skills you should develop now, and the future of procurement roles. 
  • Expert panelist: The future of AI and technology, roadblocks teams should know about, and how to balance competing priorities 
  • Attendee Readiness Survey: How prepared is the average procurement team and what can you do to address your own preparation needs? 

AI presents countless possibilities for a better procurement landscape. Are you prepared to take advantage of the opportunities? Download the deck to equip yourself with insights from the cutting edge of this thrilling topic.