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Strategic sourcing teams around the world rely on our spend analytics software to provide detailed spend analytics that inspires procurement insights.

SpendHQ will change the way you analyze your spend and literally show you the way toward a strategic sourcing strategy that creates measurable savings. Download our spend analysis data sheet to learn more.

What is SpendHQ?

SpendHQ is a full-service spend intelligence system that provides rapid, accurate and detailed visibility into your spend data so you can confidently drive savings. Learn more about our spend analytics software below.

Spend Analytics Software that Drives Action for Procurement.

Implementing a recurring spend visibility process is the foundation of driving a long-term cost optimization strategy. Despite significant investments in technology solutions, research shows that an organization’s procurement function—if it has one—frequently lacks the type of high-quality, sourcing-caliber data and spend analytics necessary to do its job strategically. For procurement, credibility and influence are everything.  It is easier to define strategy and lead change when you have total confidence. SpendHQ is a full-service solution that combines procurement-focused spend analysis services with an award-winning SaaS application that enables clear insight into your spend so you can confidently drive savings. Imagine a powerful spend analytics solution like this combined with the expertise of more than 70 procurement specialists – people who understand your goals and pain points. SpendHQ customers are serious about making change, challenging the status quo, achieving real results for their companies, and achieving them at a speed never before possible.

I use this tool a hundred times a week.  It makes me look like a rock star – I love it!

—One of Our Clients in the Consumer Services Industry

Data Optimization

Clean data equals credibility with your stakeholders and confidence in your conclusions. That’s where your journey toward spend visibility begins. The first step in any SpendHQ implementation is a rigorous 4-6 week data optimization project. Our team of US-based sourcing professionals scrub and categorize your data to over 97%. This process is unique to SpendHQ—we are the only Spend Analytics and Spend Visibility product on the market backed by a team of procurement experts who understand sourcing data. Our competition automates most of the data optimization process and boasts a focus on “algorithms,” but anyone who understands procurement knows that a totally automated or outsourced solution can’t provide sourcing-caliber categorization.

Spend Analytics Software | SpendHQ

Spend Visibility

Navigate Your Spend with Spend Visibility from SpendHQ. Literally click and browse through an interactive series of dashboards representing your consolidated spend data to instantly uncover savings opportunities. Review high-level reporting on spend trends by normalized category, and quickly analyze your spend breakout by category, vendor, or other custom dimension. Use the SpendHQ proprietary Power Filter to slice and dice your data the way you want to see it. Click through interactive charts depicting your spend data to a sub-category level. Areas of heavy spend are clearly represented, giving you the insight you need to drive sourcing discussions.


Spend Analytics Software | Spend Visibility

Contract Visibility

Your team works hard to secure strategic sourcing agreements that contribute to the bottom line. A comprehensive contract visibility solution is a crucial step toward ensuring that your contracted pricing terms are being honored over time.

SpendHQ Contract Visibility enables clear and actionable insight into your vendor contracts and agreements to maximize your strategic sourcing leverage and create measurable savings. View your contract spend and total value by category and sub-category. Filter your views to drill into a specific sub-category, or analyze your entire contract spend from a high-level overview.

Spend Analytics Software | Category Management

Category Management

With SpendHQ Category Management, analyze major sourcing categories at an in-depth level to monitor compliance and pricing accuracy. Empower your procurement professionals with instant access to the information they need to uncover maverick spend by strategic category. Instantly recognize the number of times your procurement team paid too much for a given item number, based on your preferred vendor settings from the SpendHQ Spend Visibility module. Easily identify non-compliant spend trends within a given timeframe from a high-level or down to line-item detail.

Spend Analytics Software | Contract Visibility


Want a comprehensive review of our solution?

Download this multipart research brief for an expert’s review and competitive analysis.


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