Showcase Procurement’s Savings and Value

Build trust with Finance and business partners, by centrally tracking and confirming the savings and strategic results of each procurement sourcing project.

Trust in Procurement’s Results

Using SpendHQ’s Procurement Performance Management (PPM) solution, procurement leaders gain a standardized place to track all projects against target goals, proactively manage risks, and clearly see the final outcomes in accessible, easy-to-understand and detailed reports that can be validated by Finance. Business stakeholders also get a view, driving improved alignment.

Elevate Procurement’s Value

Unlike generic reporting and project tracking tools, you get a solution tailor-made for procurement – and the results can also feed into our Spend Intelligence solution.

  • Transparency

    Give Procurement, Finance, and other business stakeholders a “single source of truth” view.

  • Never Lose Your Data

    Access, centrally store, and share detailed savings reports for each completed project.

  • Easy Comparisons

    Track each project’s forecast and actual outcomes against goals and compared to historical data.

  • Non-Financial Performance

    Quickly filter reports along strategic objectives, such as supplier diversity, risk, and sustainability

Key Features of Savings & Value Reporting

Adjust Targets

Allow for modification of the target savings or other goals (i.e. ESG) for each project, based on new information.

Enable Role-Based Views

Add project reports to role-based custom dashboards designed for your different stakeholder types.

Validate with Finance

Give Finance the workflow to audit and confirm the savings and value reports against KPIs.

Deliver the Details

Allow for drill-downs into each project’s history and results, with multiple exportable report formats.

Hugues de Planta, Group Procurement DirectorKingfisher

Finally, in one single tool, we are able to follow all Procurement projects and have all evidence that the savings have been achieved. They are communicated with full transparency and can be audited by investors and management control.