Get the Guide: How to Gain Spend Insights Faster With Procurement AI

A flood of spend data has typically blocked Procurement’s path to strategic impact, because it’s required too much manual handling (and time). But thanks to purpose-built applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Procurement can reap the benefits to reduce their data preparation burden in favor of focusing on higher-impact strategic value creation.

In this guide, we detail the origins and steps of a streamlined approach that applies a powerful combination of procurement-built AI and human expertise to accelerate the data work needed for modern spend intelligence. You will learn how this methodology helps you:

  • Acquire spend visibility across nearly 100% of categories in weeks, not months
  • Refocus attention on developing new procurement initiatives and collaborations, not tactical data work
  • Overcome inaccurate, incomplete spend categorizations that impair decision making
  • Gain faster refreshes on your spend insights to support greater procurement agility

Download this complimentary guide now to discover how customers globally today are using this solution to reduce their time-to-value and unlock insights in a fraction of the time.

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