Don’t Fear the Reaper: How AI Empowers Procurement

Ever since ChatGPT forced its way into public consciousness in 2022, the business world has been divided into three distinct camps—the devotees who are sure AI will solve every problem enterprise businesses face, the reluctant who are certain it will take their jobs, and the seasoned skeptics who know that tech has a way of promising more than it can deliver. Procurement has been no exception. 
Like the wider market, much of the discussion has centered around generative AI’s ability to do the conceptual and strategic work for procurement professionals. 

But what if AI in Procurement had a different function?  

In this whitepaper, we use our own AI model to explore how Artificial Intelligence’s unique knack for rapidly cleaning and organizing tremendous amounts of data makes it the perfect solution to Procurement’s data problem—not because it does what humans can do,  but because it frees them up from the most tedious parts of their jobs. 

Inside, you’ll explore: 

  • How SpendHQ’s use of machine learning serves as a model for ethical and productive AI deployment 
  • The tangible benefits that AI offers to forward-thinking procurement professionals 
  • The consequences of shying away from such a powerful tool 

As seasoned veterans of Procurement and technology, we’re convinced that Procurement has nothing to fear from Artificial Intelligence. Download our whitepaper now to learn why and discover how you can free yourself from the never-ending cycle of securing, cleaning, normalizing, and categorizing gargantuan amounts of critical information.  

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