Visibility to Improve Spend Compliance

Save costs and reduce supply chain risk, by proving the value of driving more rogue spend to preferred suppliers.

Advance to Best-in-Class Spend Compliance

In just a few clicks, SpendHQ provides crucial visibility to quantify the cost of unmanaged and non-compliant spend across all sourcing categories. This empowers your team to make the case to spend category stakeholders for selecting preferred suppliers, improving contracting, and identify new areas for future strategic sourcing programs.

The Value of Spend Compliance Visibility

Procurement and finance get the insights to quantify the future savings and value that’s possible by managing more spend.

  • Influence New Savings

    Customers report an average 3X increase in their spend compliance, helping to reduce costs.

  • Reduce Risks

    Identify higher-risk suppliers outside of preferred vendors. Improve contract coverage and terms.

  • Get Spend Owner Buy-In

    Strengthen stakeholder collaboration for proactive planning and opportunity alignment.

  • See Procurement’s Impact

    Generate clear reports that track managed spend, impact rate, and preferred supplier results.

Key Features of Compliance Insights

Views of Managed & Unmanaged Spend

Easily identify the top unmanaged and noncompliant categories, subcategories, and vendors. See your impact rate and quantify savings leakage.

Optimize Your Preferred Supplier Program

Track key supplier metrics and spot opportunities to shift and consolidate spend. Identify uncontracted spend.

Get Automated Insights

Our “rogues gallery” surfaces and highlights the biggest areas of savings leakage. Add to sourcing strategy roadmap.

Easy Configurations

Use admin tools to set your own definitions for spend under management, compliance and impact rates, and savings KPIs.

Customer statement on G2 independent software review website

[SpendHQ is] helping us to improve data categorization accuracy and build category strategy dashboards for the purposes of identifying additional savings and tracking compliance.