Why Procurement Visibility is Critical to Increasing Procurement’s Value

The procurement function has faced a new set of challenges in recent years. The combination of geopolitical instability, global inflationary pressures, and a worldwide pandemic has created a perfect storm of risk. Simply focusing on cost is no longer sufficient for procurement – there must also be a demonstrated ability to manage risk and deliver value. Understanding how Procurement is performing against an expanded set of goals, both financial and non-financial measures, is necessary.

In this white paper developed in collaboration with Procurement Leaders, we delve into the following:

  • What do the increased pressures mean to procurement in terms of proving its ability to identify and mitigate risk, as well as deliver value-adds beyond pure cost savings
  • How to approach this by enabling centralized tracking and measures of outcomes, providing access to actionable spend and project insights, and how to scale quickly
  • A customer case study on a successful implementation of a unified approach to Procurement Performance Management

Download this Procurement Leaders white paper to learn new ways of thinking about this modern Procurement challenge.

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