Webinar: From Insights to Impact: Driving High-Performance Procurement

📆 Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM ET

SpendHQ and Procurious recently ran a joint survey report: From Insights to Impact: Driving High-Performance Procurement, which offers insights on gaps in procurement performance and data management and how procurement can transform its reputation and drive true value and impact. Access key learnings of the report as well as insights and reaction of 4 senior experts of Procurement and Digital transformation:

  • Gilberto Solís – Senior Director, Services Centre of Excellence at Thomson Reuters
  • Tania Seary – Founder at Procurious
  • Andy Moir – Product Marketing Director of SpendHQ
  • Alun Rafique – CEO and Founder of Market Dojo.

Key learnings of the report includes:

  • Data Challenges: How top performers should break free from inaccurate data and finally make better data-driven decision to support efficient Procurement strategies
  • Alignment and Collaboration: How to seamlessly align procurement with company vision to foster cross-department collaboration
  • Procurement Performance Management: How elevating your impact with real-time tracking, reporting, and actionable insights
  • Embrace ESG Excellence: How you can leverage comprehensive data and effective action plans to drive sustainability and diversity initiatives.
Webinar Recap: Practical Ways to Deliver High Performance Procurement