Procurement Engagement Rule 3: Reshape Supplier Engagement

What would it look like if you took an innovative approach to supplier relationship management?

In Rule 3 of Market Dojo’s New Rules series, three procurement change leaders explore how you can leverage your experiences and insights to reimagine your supplier relationships from the ground up.

Join SpendHQ’s Chief Product Officer Pierre Laprée, Suppeco’s Founder and CEO Sheldon Mydat, and Market Dojo’s Head of Partnerships Temeena Hussain to learn how to co-create value, innovate product offerings, hold each other accountable, and drive success together while taking an unflinching look at:

  • Ways you can speed up supplier relationship management using AI
  • Why the strategic vs. non-strategic supplier division doesn’t work in 2024
  • The real impact (& strain) of ESG and supplier diversity on long-term business growth
Reshaping Supplier Relationships