Four Challenges of Spend Visibility

by SpendHQ Marketing

Most companies struggle to achieve full procurement visibility for a number of reasons.

Spend Visibility Perspective Series by Tom Beaty

Realizing excellence in your procurement organization begins with spend visibility. But why is spend visibility so hard to achieve? In this guide authored by a top procurement expert, you can better understand the 4 most common challenges encountered by procurement teams as they embark on digital transformation and modernization initiatives:

  • Multiple systems with fragmented data, making this a heavy burden to aggregate
  • Maverick “rogue” and unmanaged spend driven less by bad intent than due to poor procurement awareness or collaboration
  • Data that’s not “procurement ready” and instead is more accounting/finance oriented
  • Poor data input and governance discipline in the source systems

The guide also offers a simple framework for achieving spend data clarity that leads to improved spend intelligence and how to best address the “procurement data supply chain.” Authored by SpendHQ founder Tom Beaty.

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Four Challenges of Spend Visibility

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