Driving Procurement Value in Turbulent Times

For the last few years, procurement has doubled down on their investments in performance measurement, increasing the amount of data being tracked and reported to demonstrate their impact on the business. While procurement plays a critical role in navigating disruptions, they are constrained by having to do more with less.

What we know now, however, is that procurement also needs to be able to tell a good value story – but the value is only as good as the underlying ‘data story.’

When procurement can contextualize their results, including data from procurement and non-procurement systems, it becomes easier to document their total ROI. Once teams and relationships are empowered by increased understanding, procurement can reinforce their expanded role in the business, altering their own maturity curve.

Join us for a live discussion with Pierre Laprée, Chief Product Officer at SpendHQ, about how procurement can increase and better communicate their total value – even in turbulent economic times.

Pierre will answer live questions about:

  • How telling better ‘value’ and ‘data’ stories can enhance procurement’s internal brand and impact
  • The importance of properly addressing your audience with the metrics and KPIs that matter to them
  • Why measuring value and then presenting it properly are such a powerful combination


Yannick Caharel
Chief Procurement Officer,
Christian Dior Couture
Pierre Laprée
Chief Product Officer,