Consolidation, Control, Cost Savings: Harnessing Spend Visibility

by SpendHQ Marketing

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In this ebook produced as a partnership of Procurement Leaders and SpendHQ, you will learn why deploying a successful spend visibility solution means huge returns for companies that select the right partner and leverage the tool fully. Much has been learned about the need for resiliency and automation in Procurement, following global economic recessions, the COVID-19 pandemic, and supply chain disruptions. Those macro conditions have escalated the importance of spend visibility, highlighting growth opportunities to organizations that harness an action plan towards true spend data clarity. The uncertain shape of the post-pandemic future compounds the difficulties for businesses.

This resource focuses on the data-driven deliverables associated with making great spend visibility happen, including:

  • 5 action points: identifying your spend data needs; determining the right spend taxonomy; re-categorizing where it makes sense; conducting a data audit; understanding the value of finding a solution partner to make it happen without burdening resources.
  • A customer case study on how a U.S. broadbrand provider tackled these challenges

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Cover Image: Harness Spend Visibility Report