A Conversation with Customer: Optimizing Non-Profit Procurement at the American Red Cross

by SpendHQ Marketing

SpendHQ provides enterprise-level spend visibility to help optimize non-profit Procurement at one of the most well-know 501C3s in the U.S.: the American Red Cross. By implementing Spend Intelligence, the American Red Cross can confidently identify sourcing opportunities and meet cost optimization goals.

In this 20-minute podcast, Tom Nash, VP Supply Chain and CPO at the American Red Cross, shares insights around the importance of spend analysis and how it’s directly impacted their ability to create “fact-based” visibility while promoting supplier innovation and mitigating third-party risk.

Spend Insights by SpendHQ · 009: A Conversation with Tom Nash, Chief Procurement Officer at American Red Cross

Conversation with Tom Nash - Spend Insights Podcast | SpendHQ