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How to Report Realized Savings Without Becoming an Accountant

There’s a long-standing debate in Procurement about how to track realized savings. Are you responsible for tracking them dollar for…
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Do You Have Enough Procurement Projects to Hit Your Numbers? 

Are there worse feelings than telling the board why you didn’t meet your goals at the end of the quarter,…
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How to Evaluate the Impact of Procurement Initiatives

Global economic developments of the past few years have thrust Procurement’s impact into the spotlight, and the result has been…
January 31, 2024 Blog Article

How to Maximize the Adoption of New Procurement Tools

How can you better convince, inform, train, and engage buyers to embrace and use new Procurement applications?
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Creating a Category Management Strategy Everyone Can Buy Into

The beginning of the year means it’s time to set your category management strategy and forecast the results you expect…
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Adopting a New Approach to Tail Spend Management

Tail spend management is often a thorn in the side of Procurement professionals simply because tail spend is difficult to…
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How to Make Your Procurement Project Plan Strategic 

What do you think of when you hear the words “procurement project?” For many teams, the term raises memories of…
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What is Supply Chain Risk and How Can Spend Analytics Help Solve It?

If you take a moment to consider how interconnected modern businesses are, you’ll find yourself dwarfed by their sheer scope…
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How to Make Annual Procurement Budget Planning Effective and Easy

From October to late December, procurement teams are immersed in the annual budgeting and planning that comes with preparing for the…
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What Do the Pros’ Category Management Processes Look Like?

Recent years have flooded Procurement with new acronyms, job titles, and initiatives. A lot has changed, but the importance of…