February 20, 2024 All

Procurement Navigates Persistent Global Economic Uncertainties

As 2023 year-end economic data has become newly available from different countries across the globe, it’s clear that there are…
February 6, 2024 All

Using Current State Spend Data Analysis to Forecast Year-End Results

For most procurement organizations, it’s time for CPOs and category managers to report and finalize their strategic plans for the…
January 31, 2024 Blog Article

How to Maximize the Adoption of New Procurement Tools

How can you better convince, inform, train, and engage buyers to embrace and use new Procurement applications?
January 18, 2024 All

Creating a Category Management Strategy Everyone Can Buy Into

The beginning of the year means it’s time to set your category management strategy and forecast the results you expect…
January 9, 2024 All

Underutilized Procurement KPIs That Will Cement Alignment This Year

Usually, procurement KPIs exist to spotlight the positive aspects of the function’s performance. But an often missed benefit of key…
December 19, 2023 All

Adopting a New Approach to Tail Spend Management

Tail spend management is often a thorn in the side of Procurement professionals simply because tail spend is difficult to…
November 30, 2023 All

David Plus Goliath: Exploring a Collaborative Digital Procurement Ecosystem

Any time there’s a size mismatch between two players in the same space, the buzz always focuses on whether or…
November 21, 2023 Blog Article

How to Make Your Procurement Project Plan Strategic 

What do you think of when you hear the words “procurement project?” For many teams, the term raises memories of…
November 15, 2023 All

User’s Club NYC Review: With the Right Tools, Procurement Prevails

On November 8, 2023, we hosted our first User’s Club in North America. We joined 18 of our customers in…
November 7, 2023 All

Webinar Recap: Practical Ways to Deliver High Performance Procurement

Where is Procurement heading and what trends are driving it in that direction? The report we recently released with Procurious…