Discover and Launch New Procurement Opportunities

Become forward-looking with a central place to collaboratively propose, prioritize, and intake your next wave of procurement and sourcing initiatives.

From Ideas to Initiatives

Using Opportunities in SpendHQ’S Procurement Performance Management (PPM) software solution, your team and stakeholders can continuously register, review, and approve new value-driving sourcing projects to add to your pipeline. Users can also create opportunities directly from spend intelligence insights and other sources. Once a project is approved, you track and measure it through completion in PPM, with full transparency.

The Seeds for Your Procurement Plan

You ensure new value-generating ideas are consistently captured and reach decisions, without cluttering your official pipeline reporting.

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    Maximize Value

    Improve the intake of great initiative ideas and optimize your process.

  • Speed Time to Action

    Immediately turn insights from spend data, contracts, and more into opportunities.

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    Retain Knowledge

    Store and categorize initiative proposals in a central, standardized place.

  • Drive Alignment

    Review, consolidate, and prioritize collaboratively, factoring in resources, deadlines, and goals.

Key Features of Opportunities

Improve Collaboration

Give access to your extended team of buyers, spend category owners, and others to contribute and assign actions.

Add Opportunities via Integrations

Create an opportunity manually or triggered from your S2P app, our Spend Intelligence solution (or other spend tool), contracts, or other source.

Integrate with E-Sourcing

Send approved projects immediately to your sourcing tool to launch while it’s tracked and measured in our active Pipeline view within PPM.

Configure for Your Needs

Define workflows and custom tagging to document necessary approvals, capture feedback, and organize projects.

Indirect Purchasing ManagerLe Bon Marché (LVMH)

We save so much time and effort in coordinating and collaborating with all the departments. It is really one of the best solutions to develop our procurement organization one step at a time, while benefiting immediately from useful insights that are generated through our daily operations.