Contract Insights Create New Value

Go beyond a simple contract repository. Generate your next wave of savings and impact by turning contract insights into procurement project opportunities.

Procurement’s Forward-Looking Contracts Solution

SpendHQ’s Procurement Performance Management (PPM) software platform not only lets you access contracts in one unified place, but your team also gains a way to proactively identify contracting opportunities to add to your project pipeline and drive transparent reporting. Contract insights become actionable, showing new ways to consolidate, save, improve ESG progress, and more.

Benefits of Unlocking Contract Insights

Give your team and stakeholders an easy-to-use, actionable view of Contracts to proactively find future value.

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    Proactive Management

    See a timeline view of contract expirations, to plan new sourcing projects and set goals in advance.

  • Consolidation

    Quickly spot opportunities for contract consolidation and cost control across similar spends.

  • Stakeholder Visibility

    Give internal partners access to relevant contracts to enhance planning discussions.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    In just a few clicks, work with stakeholders to determine renewals vs. re-bid through sourcing.

Other Features of Contracts for Performance Management

Use Standalone or Integrated

SpendHQ PPM can be your exclusive contracts solution or ingest data from your existing contracts management tool.

Configure and Store

Group contracts based on your category and tagging definitions. Retain up to 5 years of contracts for historic insights.

Make it Easy to Find

Enjoy full text search of contracts, including scanned PDFs that are uploaded.

Execute New Contracts

Enable contract sharing and e-signature capabilities within the same solution.

Hugues de Planta, Group Procurement DirectorKingfisher

All the contracts signed by the Procurement community are now available [in SpendHQ PPM], which enables us to manage all our projects in coordination with our internal stakeholders and guarantee the recognition of our purchasing teams’ performance.