Procurement Performance Management

From Vision to Action: Use spend intelligence to improve procurement goal-setting, project oversight, and impact measurement – all in one connected solution.

Why Focus on Procurement Performance Management?

Procurement has long focused on – and has done well with improving – transactional execution across the source-to-pay lifecycle. Now procurement innovators are prioritizing how they can further advance the performance of their team and achieve greater ongoing impact at a strategic level.

Unfortunately, getting consensus on the best plans and goals, conducting good ongoing oversight, and trying to measure results accurately are major challenges. Decentralized project tracking, data and app silos, and teams using different practices all make it difficult to get the full picture to support future-focused decisions. What’s the best process to follow?

Powering the Procurement Performance Lifecycle

Now part of SpendHQ, the Per Angusta Procurement Performance Management (PPM) platform is built on best practices to be the overarching hub for ensuring the success of your initiatives and sourcing projects. It’s where you actively track and promote progress, as well as measure impact with trusted transparency. 

Every day, our solution helps teams: 

  • Increase value and business outcomes using Spend Intelligence and stakeholder inputs to discover new opportunities
  • Make better, collaborative decisions faster thanks to shared knowledge and early awareness of risks to target goals
  • Confidently report on and communicate savings and non-savings value that aligns Procurement and Finance
  • Quickly advance best practices and maturity by using a market-proven Procurement-specific performance management product

Robust Features to Elevate Your Team

The PPM solution can be a standalone solution or easily integrated with your S2C or S2P suite for a connected experience with your transactional operations. The platform delivers:

Discover new value using Spend Intelligence insights and stakeholder inputs.

Gain a current, integrated view of all projects and their stage in the sourcing pipeline. 

Savings & Value
Always know status vs. goals. When projects complete, get auditable reports detailing outcomes. 

Performance Dashboards
Get a comprehensive, trusted view of insights and alerts you can act on. Make your team’s impact transparent.

Get a unified view of contracts and expirations, to proactively identify consolidation and other opportunities.

Supplier’s Hub
Save time by getting relevant supplier info from one place, such as projects, scorecards, contracts, spend, and more. 

Enjoy a seamless experience with low-impact integrations via our API to a variety of procurement software apps.

Rapidly Advance Procurement’s Effectiveness and Strategic Value

With our PPM solution, your time-to-value is swift thanks to our best-of-breed platform developed specifically for Procurement by real-world practitioners – with embedded best practices aggregated from more than 140 customers worldwide to date. 

  • Easy implementation process gets your team up and running in record time
  • Intuitive interface and configurability options are purpose-built for procurement 
  • Frees up your efforts from maintaining home-grown trackers and manual, ad hoc reporting to focus on proactive, bigger-picture planning and oversight
  • Non-disruptive to integrate easily into your current environment 

Investing in a Procurement Performance Management solution that enables real-time visibility to the value being created by procurement to business stakeholders is a no-brainer. It is time for organizations to get out of Excel and truly digitize their environment.” – Jonathan Fehring, Sr Director Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Advisory, The Hackett Group

Combining Our Spend Intelligence + Procurement Performance Management Platform 

Thanks to the partnership of the SpendHQ and Per Angusta solutions, Procurement teams can also gain a true best practices advantage in connecting your strategic plans to operational project oversight and reporting.

  • Drive more value: Use spend insights and benchmarking to identify and create new  opportunities
  • Promote alignment and data trust: Collaboratively set better-informed goals and priorities
  • Proactive management: Stay on top of project and goal status as well as risks
  • Report with confidence: Accurately measure and communicate your outcomes
  • Continuously optimize and elevate: Leverage current insights to inform each new planning cycle

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