COVID-19 Response:

It All Starts With Data.

Our Response

Maintaining Business Continuity &
Mitgating Risk Through COVID-19.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, SpendHQ is helping clients analyze and understand the impact on their procurement and supply chain needs. Through our SaaS spend analysis technology, we have developed pre-built interactive dashboards that enable clients to make key operational decisions as they manage through the crisis. Example use cases include:

  • Healthcare companies leveraging the data on daily infection rates by county to help manage their inventory of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) across their network of providers.
  • Retail companies combining peak infection forecasts with shelter-in-place order end dates to help plan and estimate store reopenings.

If you’re struggling to maintain visibility and identify the risks you might potentially be facing in the current landscape, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a demo of how our solution is helping procurement organizations like yours during these uncertain times.

  • During these turbulent and uncertain times, the need for world-class spend visibility and the ability to control spending is more important than ever. We remain incredibly dedicated to providing our clients access to sourcing-caliber data, quickly, allowing them to mitigate risk and accelerate savings.

    Tom Beaty
    Tom Beaty Founder & CEO at SpendHQ

Utilizing Procurement as a Strategic Lever.

Since the beginning of the crisis, our teams have been helping clients conserve cash by identifying opportunities to decrease price, reduce demand, eliminate discretionary spending, and lengthen payment cycles. Our teams have also helped clients review and identify mission-critical suppliers with a strategy of drawing them closer and collaborating with them for mutual benefit and to avoid disruptions.

So how can spend visibility solutions continue to help? Businesses are clearly struggling to develop and execute operational strategies in an environment where predications on the length or long-term implications of this crisis change daily. SpendHQ, along with its sister company Insight Sourcing Group, are developing unique solutions to help clients navigate these uncharted waters.

Maintaining Business Continuity and Mitigating Risk Through COVID-19

Mitigate Risk & Take Action.

Our team of procurement professionals has taken a data-driven approach to help mitigate the potential negative impact for our clients with highly-targeted dashboards within SpendHQ. Clients can combat the impact of COVID-19 by:

  • Establishing a single source of truth for your procurement data
  • Visualizing potential risk with suppliers with COVID-19 pre-populated dashboards segmented by region
  • Mitigating risk by mapping spend to high impact areas and create custom alerts by region
  • Prioritizing areas of focus by region, category, and subcategories and assign internal ownership for project management

COVID-19 Resources

Executive Thought Leadership Guides.

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A perspective from SpendHQ Founder & CEO, Tom Beaty, on why procurement is one of the most strategic levers senior executives can pull in an economic crisis.

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An executive guide from Insight Sourcing Group highlighting the specific steps and areas of focus to lock down savings and drive additional savings.

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While all of our businesses are in uncharted territory, our firm was built to handle moments like this, and our relentless commitment to your success is stronger than ever.

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