The SpendHQ Customer Experience: What Makes It Great

Procurement Research by Spend Matters

Spend analytics solutions are fundamentally designed for business users rather than IT organizations — or should be.

Why? Because procurement is their master.

In a crowded spend analysis market, SpendHQ stands out for delivering above-the-benchmark customer satisfaction ratings across the majority of rated fields. But even more than this, the qualitative customer comments from SpendHQ’s users speak to how the provider’s expert procurement DNA — as sourcing experts, not just software developers — stands out from the crowd.

With top-tier customer ratings in areas such as business value, ability to maximize savings and ability to maximize spend under management, SpendHQ is considered a recommended fit for all five buying personas in Spend Matters SolutionMap for Spend and Procurement Analytics. As one organization suggests, “It is clear that their solution was designed by procurement professionals and not just by IT people.

Other organizations speak to the strengths and value our solution delivers with comments such as:

“SpendHQ’ s industry knowledge, sourcing knowledge (and) their commitment to delivering the highest level of value from their solution.”

“Their ability to incorporate our requirements into their roadmap as well as their commitment to helping us get the most value out of their solution.”

 “SpendHQ’ s greatest strengths are making it easy for us to refresh data and account rep/associate helpfulness/responsiveness.”

SpendHQ is honored to receive this type of feedback from our clients. Find out what else our customers have to say about our spend analysis solution in this research brief from Spend Matters, The SpendHQ Customer Experience: What Makes It Great.

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