The Spend Visibility Maturity Curve: Where Do You Stand?

April 26, 2018

The Spend Visibility Maturity Curve – Where Do You Stand?

Presented by Spend Matters and SpendHQ, April 2018

Spend Visibility is the foundation of strategic procurement, and many organizations struggle to gain a level of clarity to inform and guide their strategy.

Delve further into detail on the challenges of spend visibility to better craft your roadmap, and identify where your organization stands on the maturity curve, a maturity model based on intelligence gathered by professionals at industry analyst firm Spend Matters.

Maturity Curve

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The Spend Visibility Maturity Curve

The Spend Visibility Maturity Curve, created by Spend Matters, is a maturity model for Spend Visibility that maps key criteria to levels of sophistication, which can then be mapped to types of solutions. The Maturity Curve is based on intelligence and insights gathered by the professionals at Spend Matters. Webinar viewers will be given the ability to assess their respective positions on the Maturity Curve, along with a road map to achieving an advanced degree of Spend Visibility for their organizations.

Discussion points will include:

  • Common reasons to seek spend visibility
  • Why efforts to achieve spend visibility sometimes fail
  • Is P2P required to achieve spend visibility?
  • Recent trends noted by Spend Matters – how are industry leaders achieving spend visibility?

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