Spend Matters Vendor Snapshot: Part 1

Vendor Snapshot on our spend analytics solution, SpendHQ by Jason Busch, Founder and Head of Strategy and Michael Lamoureux, Research Consulting Analyst at Spend Matters Research

Vendor Snapshot Part 1: Background & Solution Overview

Spend Matters, the first of it’s kind in the procurement and supply chain sector, has launched a multipart research brief on our spend analytics solution, SpendHQ. This research brief comprises a company and solution overview, company-level SWOT analysis, product strength and weaknesses overview, competitive alternatives, and a user selection guide and insider evaluation and selection considerations.

“Today, SpendHQ has evolved to a full-featured analytics platform that has the distinction of being one of the few spend analysis tools that was built by sourcing professionals for sourcing professionals and that looks at procurement data the way sourcing professionals want to see it.”


Part 1 will include:

  • Historical & Company Facts
  • SWOT Assessment
  • In-depth Solution Overview

About Spend Matters:

Spend Matters’ collective sites are the largest and most influential in the procurement sector – and together, have the largest and broadest range of practitioners and advisors reading them than any other analyst, blog, media or subscription service. The premium research available on Spend Matters PRO sets the standards for the analyst world in procurement.

Download Part 1

Request Part 2 and Part 3 or contact us for the full series at info@spendhq.com

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