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Drive your business forward with SpendHQ’s easy solution that tackles your spend data complexity — so you can more quickly get to the accurate, comprehensive spend insights you need to support your procurement planning and reporting.

Get Your Spend Together

Data about your spend is everywhere. It’s messy and inconsistent. It’s historically required a major effort to consolidate and cleanse so that Procurement can rely on it to make important decisions or answer key questions. SpendHQ has solved this spend visibility challenge for our customers with a proven, repeatable technology-driven data process and SaaS application providing an intuitive interface to navigate your spend.

You should be able to view your entire organizational spend in one place. Through our simple and easy-to-use interface, instantly identify untapped saving opportunities, new targets to meet strategic goals, and create custom reports with multiple layers of analytics to view your spend the way you need to see it.

  • Today, any spend analysis discussion we have must originate from the SpendHQ platform, establishing the solution as a single source of truth.

    Stuart Andrews
    Stuart Andrews Director of Global Indirect Procurement at Zebra Technologies
Spend Visibility Detail

Gain Actionable Insights to Drive Savings and Achieve Goals

Key Features:

  • Spend Profiles – Easily drill-down into spend, categorized to your custom, sourcing-level taxonomy.
  • Suppliers – Get insights into your supply base, including new and favorited suppliers, and create watchlists to proactively monitor spend anomalies.
  • Compliance – Manage your preferred supplier program, reduce rogue spend, and identify opportunities to drive savings and value.
  • Strategy – Set a roadmap to determine procurement focus areas and prioritization, leveraging market benchmarks.
  • ESG – Advance goals in supplier diversity and greenhouse gas reductions, leveraging data enrichment, benchmarks, and reporting.
  • Insights – View automatically-surfaced updates across key focus areas, cutting through the noise to be more agile and proactive.
  • Performance Management – Instantly go from spend insights to new projects that you can track and measure through the whole pipeline.
Spend Visibility Speed Comparison

Spend Intelligence Brings Clear ROI

Spend intelligence allows you to identify the best targets to meet business goals, rather than blanket “cut costs by 10% across the board” vague mandates. Aside from cost savings you can drive at the category or subcategory level, SpendHQ customers also find they can:

  • Increase spend compliance by 3X on average
  • Increase spend under management, typically to 87%+
  • Capture a view of 97% or more of their enterprise spend
  • Consolidate suppliers to drive efficiencies and savings
Spend Visibility Speed Compliance

Improved Decision-Making and Collaboration

Procurement now gains a trusted, central hub for spend insights and reporting that can be shared with business stakeholders and used to power supplier negotiations. Automated insights, benchmarks, and tailored reports are ready in just a few clicks.

When the data is seen as accurate, complete, and accessible, the solution builds trust and ensures procurement is positioned as a leader in data-driven business decisions.

Spend Visibility Report

Flexible to Meet Your Data, Reporting, and Workflow Needs

SpendHQ is implemented to meet your needs for spend classification taxonomy, the frequency in which you want data refreshes, and integrations with key data systems.

On the data visibility side, our solution lets you configure a variety of dashboards, create your own supplier watchlists, create and share custom reports, share views broadly via web reports, and export data for use externally.

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