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SpendHQ has partnered with InsideView for the Vendor
Information Management module.

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SpendHQ has partnered with InsideView for the Vendor Information Management module. This module provides users access to detailed and current information on vendors, enabling users to track compliance, research sourcing opportunities and understand vendor capabilities.

The integration was completed using InsideView’s APIs, allowing SpendHQ to tap into the InsideView Platform’s deep data and real-time insights. The InsideView Platform is the industry’s most accurate, relevant and rich source of targeting intelligence. InsideView data comes from multiple sources, is triangulated by algorithms and is validated by human-like logic, all at unmatched speed. The data is directly integrated into SpendHQ so clients exploring spend patterns and the already rich vendor information provided by SpendHQ can now go to the next level and review third-party data provided by InsideView in our easy-to-use interface.

  • InsideView adds insight and intelligence to business conversations to help professionals engage more effectively, which fits perfectly with SpendHQ’s mission to drive its strategic procurement goals and savings initiatives. InsideView’s company information, contact data and insights delivered within SpendHQ will help procurement leaders and business stakeholders stay up to date with their current suppliers, enabling their team to be more strategic in their negotiations and improve communication.

    Heidi Tucker
    Heidi Tucker VP of Global Alliances at InsideView
Vendor Information Management

Full Vendor and Contract Descriptions

See the robust details about your vendors powered by the vast InsideView database to create lists and targeted searches. Access real-time data with detailed insights and news articles, keeping you up to date with critical information about your vendors.

Vendor Information Management

Complete Vendor
Family Tree

View complete family tree for your accounts to uncover more ways into your vendor, frequently updated with InsideView’s technology to ensure accuracy.

Vendor Information Management

True Financial Data

View financial data on vendors that can be used for negotiation, tracking and risk management.

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