Contract Visibility

Get clear and actionable insight into your vendor contracts
and agreements to maximize your strategic sourcing leverage.

About Contract Visibility

Contract Management Software That
Enables Full Contract Visibility.

The SpendHQ Contract Visibility module lets you store or link to your contracts and other vendor-related attachments. Very simple, basic information enables you to create records, add attachments or link to alternative systems (if you prefer). It’s contract management software meant to be intuitively helpful from a procurement standpoint; it just makes sense.

The system monitors and updates on contract expirations, helps you to search your contracts against the most utilized fields and attributes, and give you the ability to track your contracts back to your spend category and subcategories to understand the true procurement profile impact.

  • We implemented SpendHQ in a matter of weeks without involving our IT group, and we immediately had outstanding data at our fingertips that provided significant insight into our spending patterns and opportunities to drive savings.

    Mike Vondescher
    Mike Vondescher Chief Vice President of Procurement, PGi
Contract Visibility Efficient

Easy, Efficient Contract

Explore your contracts collectively and individually. Sort them by contract value, effective dates, document types and other attributes. View your contract spend and total value by category and subcategory. Filter your views to drill into a specific subcategory, or analyze your entire contract spend from a high-level overview.

Check your notifications for a quick look at the expiring or future notifications that were set for your vendor contracts. Easily dismiss notifications once they’ve been read. It’s as easy as it sounds. Everything you need to manage the contracts you worked hard to procure can be found within the SpendHQ Contract Visibility module.

Contract Visibility Nearly Instant

Nearly Instant

Managing contracts is a critical part of a comprehensive strategic sourcing strategy. You work hard to procure your vendor contracts and negotiate agreements. It’s important to ensure that your hard work is paying off and that the agreements you put in place are being met.

It’s also imperative to keep track of upcoming renewals to avoid costly auto-renewals that strip away your strategic sourcing leverage. With Contract Visibility from SpendHQ, managing your contract agreements and renewals is as easy as navigating a website.

Contract Visibility Strength

Strength and Expertise
You Can Leverage

SpendHQ was created by the strategic sourcing experts at Insight Sourcing Group, a world-class procurement consulting firm and the top boutique consulting firm in the United States (Vault). SpendHQ is based on the same proprietary categorization schema used by Insight Sourcing Group to launch thousands of procurement cost reduction initiatives.

When you sign up for SpendHQ, you gain access to this strength of expertise in strategic sourcing and contract management, and an expert review of your data is included with your subscription.

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