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Analyze major sourcing categories at an in-depth level to monitor compliance
and pricing accuracy with SpendHQ Category Management.

About Category Management

Category Management Software to
Help Procurement Track Savings.

Now that you have high-level visibility across your organization on everything that you spend, who you spend it with and where your money is going, the SpendHQ Category Management module enables you to drill in to determine per-item trending analysis, pricing accuracy and realized savings.

This comprehensive review pulls your category spend from the SpendHQ Spend Visibility module and renders it in an interactive dashboard that enables you to slice and dice your data by a number of category-specific dimensions, compare item spend across the category and easily identify maverick spend.

  • To meet our spend visibility needs we needed a solution with a fast data refresh, highly accurate categorization and an easy-to-use interface – all at an excellent value. SpendHQ met or exceeded our expectations in every category.

    Dan Brogan
    Dan Brogan CPO at General Communication Inc.
Category Management Details

It’s All in the
Category Details

Easily review spend by item number and subcategory to gain a clearer understanding of your spend within a given category. Gain clarity into buyer responsibilities and habits by analyzing purchasing by individual buyers within a category.

Review your category spend distribution by location to gain a clear picture of how your various offices are purchasing within that category. Easily identify which locations make up 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of your category spend. With SpendHQ Category Management, you can view spend trends at a high level or with fine detail.

Category Management Analytics

Actionable Order

Analyze your orders by category with sophisticated, interactive renderings of your average order size over time. Also gain clarity into your order history by layering in buyer and location information. Easily identify which buyers purchase the most within a category over a given time frame.

Click through interactive graphs that depict your average order size within a category. View a month-by-month comparison of purchases made within a category by order size. Click a buyer name to drill into further detail, including purchases made by item code.

Category Management Price Saving

Pricing and
Savings Reporting

Instantly recognize the number of times your procurement team paid too much for a given item number, based on your preferred vendor settings from the SpendHQ Spend Visibility module. Easily identify noncompliant spend trends within a given time frame from a high level or down to line-item detail.

Easily identify savings gained from strategic sourcing initiatives and the implementation of compliance management. With one simple report, generate proof of procurement ROI.

Category Management Analytics

Game-Changing Small
Parcel Sourcing Analytics

Everything you need to know about your small parcel shipping spend can be found within the Shipping Analytics module. From high-level overviews of spend by vendor to detailed reports on zone spend and fuel charges, you will obtain clear, actionable visibility into one of the most complex categories to manage for procurement.

Gain a high-level overview or analyze the details of your shipment spend distribution by sender or recipient within a given time frame. Sort this data by shipper name, average cost per shipment, shipment count or total spend

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