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We have worked with over 1,000 companies between our procurement consulting and spend visibility services. And the one thing we have seen is that most people have bad procurement data that greatly inhibits their ability to drive and sustain savings for their organization.

You cannot manage what you cannot see, and poor visibility into spend data is a systemic issue found across companies of all industries, sizes and cultures. Solving this common procurement problem is the first step in the SpendHQ process. Our team of strategic sourcing professionals cleanses, consolidates, normalizes and categorizes your procurement data to more than 97%. They bring our rich sourcing heritage to you and your team as part of our spend visibility solution.

  • The intuitive interface and graphical nature of SpendHQ made it an easy choice for us. We looked at several other tools and none of them measured up to SpendHQ in terms of ease of use or quality of data.

    Mike McHale
    Mike McHale CPO at Invesco
Data Optimization

Solving the Procurement Data Challenge

It seems counterintuitive, but procurement data is consistently bad, even for companies that make large investments in relevant systems. There are a lot of drivers for this problem. A few of them include:

  • Data scattered across multiple AP and expense systems
  • Accounting-oriented data not aligned with procurement categorization
  • Maverick and unmanaged spend not captured in P2P systems
  • Poor input discipline, or procurement-related data being entered by non-procurement resources

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