SpendHQ Announces Connectors For Application & Data Integration

by SpendHQ Marketing

Atlanta, April 29, 2022 – Leading spend analytics company SpendHQ announces the release of new SpendHQ Connectors, providing procurement application integrations with numerous platforms. With organizations managing multiple data sources and platforms, this most recent release from SpendHQ ensures procurement and finance teams can connect the applications they need to their spend insights.

SpendHQ Connectors enables seamless integration of spend data across applications for data processing and enrichment. With new connectors added monthly, the SpendHQ Connectors application integration framework enables fast data integration between both cloud and on-premises data sources. It’s fast, easy, and won’t interfere with your current process while connecting your apps.

“With procurement needing to make crucial decisions quickly in today’s sourcing climate, our users need their spend insights integrated throughout their network,” says Jason Bray, SpendHQ Chief Technology Officer. “It’s not just about speed, but about having the insights they need in the right hands at the right time. Our growing marketplace of Connectors helps them do that.”

With SpendHQ Connectors, users can connect SpendHQ to your source systems in minutes, cutting data refresh time by 30%+ and removing friction from the data extraction process. This enables SpendHQ clients to drive speed and efficiency in their current process while upgrading their automation with 40+ existing data connectors to standard ERPs. New data connectors are being added monthly, and all SpendHQ Connectors are SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant – enabling fast data integration between cloud or on-premises sources.

SpendHQ Connectors application integrations automate the data submission process by:

  • Connecting to data sources automatically each refresh cycle
  • Removing friction from the data extraction process to drive speed and efficiency
  • Integrating data sources in minutes – not days
  • Cutting data refresh time by 30%
  • Enabling the use and enhancement of legacy systems’ data
  • Improving team mobility, giving everyone who needs it access to integrated data with SpendHQ (without giving them access to sensitive systems)

With new application connections added monthly, SpendHQ has the network you need to connect your apps for quick, secure data extraction.

SpendHQ has become one of the procurement market’s largest spend analytics software products. It has amassed an impressive roster of Fortune 500 and Private Equity clients and has analyzed over $6 trillion in procurement spend for hundreds of customers.