A Conversation with Jason Bray, CTO at SpendHQ

by SpendHQ Marketing

SpendHQ Presents Spend Insights Podcast

As a seasoned technology executive, Jason discusses his industry experiences and shares a fresh perspective on the complex data challenges and technology trends facing procurement and sourcing leaders today.Jason is responsible for implementing SpendHQ’s technology and product development strategy that delivers actionable procurement insights to over 250 clients worldwide. A technology leader adept at helping organizations scale and grow, Jason has over 20 years of product experience, having overseen the technological development for leading companies such as IgnitionOne, Cardlytics Inc., and Bottomline Technologies.

“In speaking to my background in different industries, if you do not have the right process data strategy in a way that is meaningful and fast, it quickly becomes a challenge. Having come from experiences that often require millisecond turnaround, how we go about delivering a data strategy is extremely important to our mission here at SpendHQ, since data is the core of what we do.”

Spend Insights by SpendHQ · 005: A Conversation with Jason Bray, CTO at SpendHQ