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Machine Learning and its Impact on Spend Analysis

Machine Learning and its
Impact on Spend Analysis

Do you fully understand the potential impact machine learning has (or can have) on your organization? Discover how procurement can utilize machine learning to address some of the most pressing needs in spend analysis today.

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Machine Learning and its Impact on Spend Analysis

In an age of hype around terms like AI, machine learning is a term we frequently hear about. But do most procurement professionals understand what it is or the potential impact it has (or can have) on their organization? As a subset of AI, machine learning uses algorithms and statistical models to perform tasks without using explicit instructions but relying on patterns and inference instead. To further demystify the concept in the context of procurement, this webinar will share some fundamentals around ML and how SpendHQ is using and developing ML techniques to address some of the most pressing needs in spend analysis today.

About the Speakers


Kirk Poucher
Managing Director | SpendHQ

Kirk is a managing director at SpendHQ and is responsible for leading operations and client services. In this role, Kirk supports clients through the scoping, discovery, and implementation process to ensure successful achievement of procurement objectives. Prior to SpendHQ, Kirk spent 10 years as an engagement leader within Insight Sourcing Group’s consulting practice, where he led strategic sourcing initiatives across hundreds of spend categories, facilitated procure-to-pay process design, delivered spend analytics solutions, and executed transportation network analysis.

Jason Bray
Chief Technology Officer | SpendHQ

Jason is the chief technology officer at SpendHQ. He is an experienced technology and product development leader, with over 20 years of experience overseeing the technological development for leading companies such as IgnitionOne, Cardlytics Inc., and Bottomline Technologies. Jason is adept at helping organizations scale and grow to meet market demands while driving operating efficiencies within the organization.

Constantine Limberakis
Director of Product Marketing | SpendHQ

Constantine is a Director of Product Marketing at SpendHQ. He is considered a subject matter expert in the field of procurement, contract management and supply management providing a unique mix of market research and business experience.

Prior to the appointment to his new role at SpendHQ, Constantine advised and led senior procurement and business leaders as the senior research director at the Hackett Group. Prior to Hackett, Constantine guided product marketing efforts at Determine (formerly Iasta and Selectica) and HICX Solutions, and directed research as a senior research analyst at the Aberdeen group. Constantine was also foundational in helping start two boutique consulting firms, The Shelby Group and CCP Global, engaging in various roles including business development, product management, and technology consulting.

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