ROI of Spend Analytics

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Justifying the Investment 
in Spend Analytics

Justifying the Investment in Analytics

Join Spend Matters Founder, Jason Busch, and SpendHQ Founder, Tom Beaty, as they discuss the ways of thinking about spend analytics and supply analytics ROI.

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Justifying the Investment in Analytics: Calculate the ROI of Spend Analysis

Spend analysis ROI is always trickier to calculate given that analytics is an enabler-a means which points to an end rather than the end itself. Join Tom Beaty, Founder & CEO of SpendHQ and Jason Busch, Founder & Head of Strategy at Spend Matters, as they discuss ways of thinking about spend analytics and supply analytics ROI, and just as important, how to justify these investments to the business based on their own experience working with procurement organizations over multiple decades.

View this webinar and gain:

  • Philosophical ammunition to help you think about how to argue in favor of ROI for spend analytics with your colleagues
  • Suggestions on how to justify spend analytics as a magnifier on other elements of procurement talent and technology investment
  • Elements of ROI framework for spend analytics directly
  • Related case studies

About the Speakers

Join SpendHQ Founder & CEO, Tom Beaty and Spend Matters Founder & Head of Strategy, Jason Busch, for a discussion on the numerous ways of thinking about spend analytics and supply analytics ROI.

Tom Beaty is the Founder and CEO of spend visibility technology company, SpendHQ, as well as the largest strategic sourcing boutique consulting firm in North America, Insight Sourcing Group. Tom has over 20 years of strategic sourcing and management experience and has been recognized nationally for both his success as an entrepreneur and as an advocate for our war veterans.

“We initially built this tool for ourselves. SpendHQ became a company when we realized that everyone else had the same problem we did – bad sourcing data and no easy way to understand it.”

Jason Busch is the Founder and Head of Strategy at Spend Matters. The closest thing to a household name in procurement and supply chain, Jason has led the charge as an advocate, futurist and evangelist since the 1990s. Initially, at FreeMarkets and then an adviser to Ariba and other firms, Jason branched out on his own to establish the Spend Matters brand (parent company: Azul Partners), which emerged to become the largest news and information portal covering the sector. Over the years, Azul Partners has expanded this digital portfolio to 12 affiliated properties including leading titles such as Spend Matters UK/Europe, MetalMiner and Public Spend Forum, making it one of the largest independent B2B digital media and research firms.

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