How to Navigate Your Spend Analysis Journey Webinar

Presented by SpendHQ & Ardent Partners

How to Navigate Your
Spend Analysis Journey

How to Navigate Your
Spend Analysis Journey

When coupled with technology, category, and supply market expertise, spend analysis can reveal key insights that technology alone may not yield.

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How to Navigate Your Spend Analysis Journey Analysis: Guideposts for Optimal Solution Selection

All spend analysis processes and solutions are not the same, yet there is the tendency to view spend analysis generally and as a set of specific data inputs and outputs. The truth of the matter is that there are many variables beyond the core technology that should be considered before commencing a spend analysis “journey.” When coupled with the right technology, category, process, and supply market expertise, it can reveal key insights and facilitate better business decisions that the technology alone may not yield. With many departure points and even more paths to follow, procurement teams today need the right “guide” to properly prepare them for their trip but also work to ensure they reach their destination.

View this webinar to gain insights into:

  • Strategies and processes that Best-in-Class procurement teams employ to complete a successful spend analysis journey
  • Benchmarks and insights to make smart decisions for your organization
  • Recommendations on how to evaluate spend analysis platforms on the market
  • Free spend analysis research brief by Ardent Partners

About the Speakers

Join SpendHQ Chief Revenue Officer, David Bush, and Ardent Partners Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, for a discussion around the procurement research report, “Where Can Spend Analysis Take You? Procurement Strategies and Solutions to Lead the Way”.

David Bush is the Chief Revenue Officer of SpendHQ and has over 17 years of technology experience in the sourcing and procurement SaaS industry. He is consistently recognized as a leader in procurement technology and high growth SaaS companies. Prior to SpendHQ, David served as the Chief Revenue Officer for Determine (formally Iasta), an enterprise Source-to-Pay suite solution where he successfully led the growth transformation and turn around.

Andrew Bartolini is a globally recognized expert in sourcing, procurement, accounts payable, and supply management. At Ardent Partners, Andrew focuses his research and efforts on helping enterprises develop and execute strategies to achieve operational excellence within their procurement and finance departments. Andrew is also the publisher of CPO Rising, the first independent media site written for and about Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives.

Advisor to CPOs and leading solutions companies alike, Andrew is a sought-after presenter, having lectured and presented more than 250 times in eight different countries. He actively covers the technology marketplace as well as trends in sourcing, procurement, supply management, and accounts payable and has been published or quoted in leading business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, and Fortune, as well as the major trade publications focused on supply management.

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Spend Analysis: The Foundation for Procurement Excellence Webinar