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A Conversation with Sara Malconian, CPO at Harvard University

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Episode 007: Conversation with Sara Malconian, Chief Procurement Officer at Harvard University

Constantine Limberakis, Director of Product Marketing at SpendHQ, recently spoke with Sara Malconian, Chief Procurement Officer at Harvard University.

Currently, the Chief Procurement Officer for Harvard University, Sara provides leadership and oversight of the teams responsible for providing the Harvard community with superior sourcing, contracting, and procure-to-pay services to support the achievement of stakeholder goals and deliver optimal value on the university’s annual expenditures of approximately $4.7 billion.

During the podcast, Sara shares insights into her multi-faceted business background and how it’s helped her build a leading world-class procurement department by focusing on strategies around spend data that helps her manage the needs of the twelve unique and globally recognized academic units within the university.

“Helping the university to manage its expenses, especially in a decentralized environment is tough. If everyone is looking at their own bottom-line, they can solve the problem for them, but that’s inefficient. So, we [in procurement] want to be able to work with everyone and say yes, you have a problem that is also shared with other groups. This is where spend analytics really helps because we can bring the broader enterprise view and pull more people together to solve the same problems in a better manner, so we can get the cost down overall and help Harvard maintain its prestigious status.”

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Client Testimonials

  • After benchmarking spend analytics tools used across all industries, the American Red Cross selected SpendHQ based on our evaluation of their practitioner-built tool and practical approach. Implementation has been smooth, and early results are encouraging to date. At this point, we believe the Red Cross will achieve its targeted 7X ROI on the cost of this tool.

    Tom Nash
    Tom Nash Chief Procurement Officer and Head of Supply Chain at American Red Cross
  • The intuitive interface and graphical nature of SpendHQ made it an easy choice for us. We looked at several other tools and none of them measured up to SpendHQ in terms of ease of use or quality of data.

    Mike McHale
    Mike McHale CPO at Invesco
  • SpendHQ has a superb user-interface and easy-to-use analysis features that enable our Procurement team members to gain valuable, actionable insights into the spends they manage. The support team has also been very efficient in completing the periodic data refreshes such that the system reflects the most up-to-date information possible.

    Ammar Al-Rifai
    Ammar Al-Rifai Global Indirect Procurement Systems & Operations Senior Manager at Zebra

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