A Conversation with Kirk Poucher, Director at SpendHQ

SpendHQ’s Kirk Poucher Joins Spend Insights

A Conversation with Kirk Poucher, Director at SpendHQ

SpendHQ Presents Spend Insights Podcast

Episode 001: A Conversation with Kirk Poucher, Director at SpendHQ

Constantine Limberakis, Director of Product Marketing at SpendHQ, recently sat down with colleague and SpendHQ Director, Kirk Poucher, to discuss the data challenges and trends facing the modern procurement function today.

Kirk is responsible for leading operations and client services at SpendHQ. In this role, Kirk supports clients through the scoping, discovery, and implementation process to ensure successful achievement of procurement objectives. Prior to SpendHQ, Kirk spent 10 years as an engagement leader within Insight Sourcing Group’s consulting practice, where he led strategic sourcing initiatives across hundreds of spend categories, facilitated procure-to-pay process design, delivered spend analytics solutions, and executed transportation network analysis.

“There’s a lot of ways for a company to take your data to enrich it, categorize it, classify it and put it into a nice visualization engine. But at some point, clients come back to us and say the data looks great, the tool looks great, but my team is still struggling with what to do with the data.”

Spend Insights

Spend Insights is a podcast series dedicated to the experiences that shape the world of sourcing and procurement. If you’d like to be featured as a guest on Spend Insights, or if you have a topic you’d like to hear covered, feel free to submit your request here.

About SpendHQ

SpendHQ is a spend analysis solution that provides rapid, accurate and detailed visibility into enterprise spend data. This full-service SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) spend analytics solution delivers actionable insight for sourcing and procurement professionals. With SpendHQ as your command center, you give procurement leaders inside your organization the power to impact the bottom line.

Recognized for innovation and industry impact in the procurement space, SpendHQ was named to the 2015 Red Herring Global 100 list and named the Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Solution and Data Visualization Technology solution in the 2018 SIIA CODiE Awards. With SpendHQ at their fingertips, clients ranging from Fortune 500s to mid-market companies are finally able to see their enterprise spend clearly and drive savings confidently.

As a subsidiary of Insight Sourcing Group, SpendHQ is built by industry leaders with unmatched sourcing knowledge. Inc. Magazine has ranked Insight Sourcing Group among the fastest-growing private companies in America every year since 2008. In 2017, Insight Sourcing Group was also named the #1 Boutique Consulting Firm in the U.S. by Vault.com. To learn more about SpendHQ’s spend analysis solution and start taking control of enterprise spend data, request a custom spend analytics demo today.

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Client Testimonials

  • After benchmarking spend analytics tools used across all industries, the American Red Cross selected SpendHQ based on our evaluation of their practitioner-built tool and practical approach. Implementation has been smooth, and early results are encouraging to date. At this point, we believe the Red Cross will achieve its targeted 7X ROI on the cost of this tool.

    Tom Nash
    Tom Nash Chief Procurement Officer and Head of Supply Chain at American Red Cross
  • The intuitive interface and graphical nature of SpendHQ made it an easy choice for us. We looked at several other tools and none of them measured up to SpendHQ in terms of ease of use or quality of data.

    Mike McHale
    Mike McHale CPO at Invesco
  • SpendHQ has a superb user-interface and easy-to-use analysis features that enable our Procurement team members to gain valuable, actionable insights into the spends they manage. The support team has also been very efficient in completing the periodic data refreshes such that the system reflects the most up-to-date information possible.

    Ammar Al-Rifai
    Ammar Al-Rifai Global Indirect Procurement Systems & Operations Senior Manager at Zebra

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