A Match Made in Procurement Heaven

Bringing Together True, Actionable Spend Intelligence and Groundbreaking Procurement Performance Management

SpendHQ delivers unrivaled capability to cleanse, normalize, enrich and classify >97% of an organization’s spend data. Built and backed by Procurement experts, SpendHQ injects deep expertise to help you discover, prove, and act on your spend insights like no one else on the market.

Per Angusta is the industry-defining Procurement Performance Management platform that helps teams holistically see and actively manage their procurement projects to make better decisions faster, confidently measure the true impact, and drive future value creation.

TOGETHER we uniquely fill a crucial gap: Elevating the strategic value of procurement – by delivering what’s missing to harness spend and project knowledge to empower better management plans, actions, and results beyond execution-focused, transactional tech.

[This should] create a closed-loop procurement and spend management solution that covers the full scope of sourcing starting at opportunity identification all the way until performance and spend analysis and tracking.”– Nick Heinzmann and Mina Ibrahim, Spend Matters, July 12, 2022

Actionable Spend Intelligence that Feeds Procurement Performance

  • Create more value: Discover new insights and value-creating opportunities thanks to consolidated, accurate data
  • Improve your management: Proactively manage initiatives, set the right goals, and react to progress and risks so you stay on track
  • Confidently communicate impact: Accurately, transparently measure outcomes and deliver indisputable reporting to Finance and stakeholders
  • Continuously advance: Use insights to inform supplier negotiations and continually optimize with stakeholders to add more value each cycle
  • Elevate your team and outcomes: Take advantage of embedded best practices that quickly, easily level-up your maturity stage

How and Why: A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values and Procurement DNA

When SpendHQ founder Tom Beaty, a seasoned Procurement entrepreneur and advisor, reached out to Pierre Laprée, founder and then-CEO of Per Angusta, they immediately discovered a striking shared vision: The need for procurement technology to elevate the role of the function and better align it with the strategic objectives of the organization.

Pierre is the first procure-tech executive I have met in my 25-year career who shares a nearly identical vision to build a true platform for procurement professionals, going well beyond the transactional procure-to-pay suites of today.” – SpendHQ founder Tom Beaty

Both were convinced that adequate answers for Procurement professionals’ most pressing needs could only be brought to life by true procurement experts and savvy technologists — which they both did when launching SpendHQ and Per Angusta. After years of growth and success in their respective companies, they were ready for the next step in expanding their capabilities and decided to join forces.

“Per Angusta created the Procurement Performance Management segment. The combination with SpendHQ unlocks the potential to create a market-defining solution. This union will accelerate our ability to use data to bring Procurement closer to Finance and the C-suite, and ultimately elevate the role of Procurement.” – Pierre Laprée, founder of Per Angusta, now Chief Product Officer for SpendHQ and Per Angusta

This union represents an exciting leap for procurement technology – delivering an over-arching solution that improves and connects a customer’s procurement strategy to ongoing operational management and execution.

“Both of our organizations have a rich procurement history and a disciplined, customer-centric approach to building solutions. Our joining forces is a direct result of both customer and market feedback. Together, we’ll enable our customers to bridge the gap from spend analytics and opportunity identification to the execution and realization of their strategic objectives, whether bottom-line savings or non-financial goals such as diversity and sustainability.” – SpendHQ CEO Scott Macfee

Our platforms allow for the ultimate procurement performance optimization:

Consolidate, Cleanse and Enrich Spend Data

Visualize Spend Data and Benchmarking

Manage Project Performance and Risks

Prioritize Projects Based on Insights and Opportunities

Track and Share Financial Results

Centralize Contracts and Make Them Actionable

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