eBook: Addressing the Solution Gap in Strategic Procurement

March 6, 2023

There’s been a neglected area of the Procurement solution landscape for too long. What’s missing is a solution to close the gap between strategic vision and data-empowered proactive planning, oversight, and measurement. Source-to-pay suites have been great for execution, but strategic and performance management areas have been left out.  

Leading procurement organizations are addressing this by connecting Spend Intelligence with centralized Procurement Performance Management. This comprehensive ebook presents the business case: 

  • The problem: poor support for Procurement’s strategic leadership 
  • Data issues, decentralized teams and processes, wrong tools 
  • What is needed: spend intelligence with performance management 
  • Assessing a solution: key criteria to keep in mind
  • Benefits and results: cost savings, progress on strategic and ESG goals, compliance, best practices, and better stakeholder collaboration

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