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SpendHQ Application Delivery Network: A seamless journey for your spend data. SpendHQ ensures app integration across your networks so you can connect the apps you need to your spend insights. Whether you need to connect with your Source-to-Pay (S2P) or ERP systems, or enrich data from third-party sources, use our connectors to speed your time to value and insights.

Your business has multiple data sources spread across many internal and external teams – data sources that can be difficult to regulate and manage. According to a Market Pulse survey by IDG, companies draw from an average of over 400 different data sources with 32% responding that they struggle with connecting multiple data sources.1

Identifying the biggest savings opportunities requires speed and efficiency while gathering data. With that many systems, and with data collection methods often being manual and tedious processes, speed and efficiency doesn’t come naturally.

SpendHQ Connectors integrates all your data to go through data transformation with our SpendHQ data process. This best practices process normalizes, categorizes, and enriches your enterprise-wide spend data to so that it’s ready to support your strategic business decisions.

View the Data Sheet: SpendHQ Connectors for App Integration and Connection

SpendHQ realizes your challenges, and we’ve built a seamless way for clients to send data to SpendHQ’s platform using an application delivery network that automates the data submission process. SpendHQ Connectors app integration network enables fast data integration between both cloud and on-premise sources.

It’s fast, easy, and won’t interfere with your current process while it connects your apps.

View the datasheet. 

What SpendHQ Connectors Will Do for You

Automate the data submission process by:

  • Connecting to your data sources automatically each refresh cycle
  • Removing friction from the data extraction process to drive speed and efficiency
  • Integrating data sources in minutes – not days
  • Cutting data refresh time by 30%
  • Reviving your legacy systems by enabling you to use and enhance your legacy systems data
  • Improving team mobility, giving everyone who needs it access to integrated data with SpendHQ (without giving them access to sensitive systems)
  • Reducing training with everything in the single source of truth, SpendHQ
  • Keeping your process and upgrading your automation

With new app connections added monthly, SpendHQ has the network you need to connect your apps for speedy, secure data extraction.

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